4 Vehicles in the New PUBG Mobile Are Used If They Are Really Strict

4 Vehicles in the New PUBG Mobile Are Used If They Are Really Strict

Because PUBG Mobile offers graphics that resemble real-world battles, various components must also be made in such a way as to make it look realistic. No exception for vehicles that can be used by every player to explore large maps faster, especially during the closing zone.

However, there are some vehicles that only seem to decorate it, it will not be used if the player really isn’t really forced to use it, because it has been chased by a zone or might want to avoid hard enemy spots.

Not very interested by the players because the vehicle specs are not high or may be difficult to obtain. What are you curious about? Come on, immediately refer to the complete discussion below.

  1. Ship

Both of the ship’s vehicles are rarely used by the players, because indeed the control is difficult to be the main reason abandoned. Not to mention the sea is clearly the most open spot, so it can be easily sprayed from a distance.

The following vessels will only be useful when the zone is at great distances and also when many maps are in the waters.

2. BRDM-2

3. Tukshai / Bajaj

Tukshai is not found in all maps, but only in Sanhok and players also rarely use it. Because the rate of Tukshai is also not too fast, especially it can only be 3 people, so players prefer to use 2 Buggy rather than Tukshai.

4. Scooter / Vespa

Next there is the Scooter or commonly called Vespa which is also very rarely used, because it is also a low speed acceleration constraints, making the player can hit the enemy easily. In addition, driving is quite complicated.

That is more or less some of the vehicles in PUBG Mobile and are rarely used because of the reasons for their use which is difficult and less worth it to be used in combat.

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