5 Attractions of the Huawei MateBook D14 (i5) You Need to Know

5 Attractions of the Huawei MateBook D14 (i5) You Need to Know

The need to work from home that has been done since last year changes people’s habits of carrying out daily activities. This causes technology and electronic devices to have a very important role in increasing productivity and complementing lifestyles.

The dependence of consumers on technology encourages the development of devices to have a comprehensive experience in every activity, making the digital ecosystem a ‘must have’ for consumers, especially students, professionals, and even gamers.

Due to this situation, consumers tend to be more critical and careful in spending their money and carry out detailed searches before deciding to buy a technology device, taking into account quality, price, needs, design, innovation, promotion, and other determining factors.

The trends in 2020 show that consumers prefer practical, lightweight, and high-performance laptops, such as 2-in-1 laptops and ultrabooks. Consumers, such as students, professionals, and gamers are looking for lightweight and premium designs with high durability and powerful performance, but at an affordable price.

Consumers are now also looking for connectivity and the convenience of working from multiple devices and transferring files from one device to another in a complete ecosystem. Understanding this, Huawei is committed to meeting the needs of their consumers.

“With Huawei’s latest PC product, the MateBook D14 (i5), we are increasingly passionate about creating and delivering more innovations. 

Easy to carry with lightweight design

The MateBook D14 (i5) elevates the design of an ultra slim laptop, reinforced by a sleek design with curved edges for a more stylish look. This laptop also has the support of a 4.8 mm Huawei FullView Display with three ultra-thin bezels that frame the screen.

Innovating with a thinner bezel and Huawei’s signature hidden camera also delivers a very wide 84% ratio for upscaling screen play. Measuring only 322.5 mm x 214.8 mm x 15.9 mm, the MateBook D14 is one of the smallest and lightest 14-inch laptops in its class.

Work, study and play in one device

Combining Huawei technology and the powerful 10th Gen Intel® Core i5-10210U processor, the MateBook D14 (i5) is the perfect choice for multi-purpose activities, from work, surfing the internet, and even playing games on one device.

A lightweight and sleek body design, combined with an NVIDIA® GeForce® MX250 graphic card and 2GB of GDDR5 video memory make this laptop perfect for new graduates to have work and entertainment experiences at the same time wherever they want, running smoothly and flawlessly. .

Got a perfect cooling system

The Huawei MateBook D14 (i5) is also suitable for design and film editing applications. Armed with the specifications mentioned above, this laptop has an image and video processing speed of 3.5 times compared to an integrated graphics card.

The high-performance NVIDIA® MX250 graphics card will help consumers run graphics-heavy applications smoothly. At the same time, the new Huawei SharkFin Fan 2.0 helps the MateBook D14 (i5) to control temperature and prevent overheating, a disease that is common in ultra-thin laptops.

Collaboration and file transfer with just one touch

Recognizing the current trend of practicality, consumers are also looking for a versatile experience through ecosystem connectivity. Huawei is enhancing Huawei Share Multi-Screen Collaboration, which allows consumers to easily do things between PCs and smartphones.

Just by tapping the Huawei logo on the smartphone to the MateBook, consumers will automatically be connected to their smartphone on the PC. Consumers can display their smartphone screen, control the smartphone screen and as simple as drag-and-drop files from smartphone to laptop or vice versa.

Bigger screen and safe from Blue Light exposure

With the portable borderless screen of the Huawei FullView Display, Huawei enhances consumer convenience in viewing laptop screens for a long duration. Meanwhile, the thin bezel of the MateBook D14 (i5) allows consumers to see a larger display on their screen.

This laptop offers a wide viewing experience with a premium widescreen that is suitable for all content, from images to high-resolution Blu-ray videos. MateBook D14 (i5) has also been certified by TÜV Rheinland to reduce exposure to blue light which is harmful to the eyes.

“We hope to continue to innovate and understand consumers, not only by providing high-quality products to meet consumer needs and increase their productivity, but also creating a great, one-of-a-kind user experience.” close Khing Seng.

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