5 Heroes That Can Turn Back Situation in Mobile Legends Even though HP Low Even

5 Heroes That Can Turn Back Situation in Mobile Legends Even though HP Low Even

In the game Mobile Legends , team cohesiveness is one that must be considered by every player. Because indeed, in the following game if there is a slight communication miss will be a problem.

Because not all of them have to be together, making some heroes have to fight alone to defend their lane. Normally, such a task is given to a hero who can easily reverse a situation like this.

So, even though the blood has thinned, it still kills and can even kill opponents who are trying to attack. Who are they? Here is the list.

  1. Fanny

In the first place there is Fanny which has a very agile movement, making the enemy can be confused to finish him. Especially with the regen effect of the item build, it can make Fanny even more horrified.

But, the difficulty of controlling this hero makes not many players are able to use it.

2. Lapu-Lapu

Secondly there are Lapu-lapu who have a passive protective effect when releasing skills and launching attacks at their enemies. Just be careful, even though blood is 20% left, even when 3 people are still beaten, they can survive.

Because, when his shield is active it will become very thick. Coupled with the ultimate, making his attacks even more horrified.

3. Freya

Next there is Freya , where he is also one of the players to watch out for even though his HP is low. Because if you issue the ultimate, it will make the attack more horrifying and that there are quite a lot of CC effects, making it quite difficult for the enemy to deal with it.

4. Aldous

Maybe it’s already familiar to you, because Aldous is the most horrified late game hero. When the stack that is collected is maximum, then just one hit will feel the damage received. Therefore, even though the HP is thin, don’t even try to approach it, especially with Shiled skill 2, making this hero even more powerful.

5. Uranus

Finally there is Uranus who also acts as a hero tank, the best in the front row. In addition to being a shield for the team during war, this hero has a very useful laning role. Because it can break through the opponent’s final defense for clearing minions, without having to worry about losing a lot of blood.

Because there is a passive uranus effect that can make it continue to regenerate after being hit with a maximum stack of 20. With the right build items added, the HP regen it gets is really horrifying.

That’s the five heroes with deadly abilities that should not be approached even though it has low HP. Actually there are still many, but it is felt that these five Mobile Legends heroes are the most recommended.

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