5 Tips from Tinder for Safe Socializing Online

5 Tips from Tinder for Safe Socializing Online

The year 2020 has proven that almost all activities can be done digitally, aka online with the help of technology. From what I never imagined to study online, now we are used to it and have even started to enjoy it.

Of course, online lectures are not as fun as lectures in person, aka offline, where we can meet and eat together with friends. Now, with the help of technology, we can still meet and chat with friends, we can even make new friends outside our circle of friends through social discovery apps, such as Tinder.

Socializing online has many positive sides, such as we can expand friendship connections both from within and from abroad who have the same interests. There is a possibility that there is a match and can continue to the next stage.

In line with the spirit of “Safer Internet Day” which fell on February 9th, Tinder has provided a few tips for making us more careful when connecting with new people online. Because Tinder wants to be a safe place for everyone to socialize.

How to do? Come on, take a peek at the following tips!

Photo verification, check!

When we swipe there is the main thing to pay attention to, namely the profile photo. Make sure the profile of your prospective match has a blue check mark. Because if it ticks blue, it means that their profile may not necessarily be what they say.

Doing this verification photo must not only be done by potential matches, but also yourself. The goal is that your potential match will also feel sure that it is the person in the photo. After verifying the photo, the Tinder system will confirm that you are the person who matches the profile photo.

Stay on the platform

Don’t be in a hurry to meet directly with your potential match. Apart from being still a pandemic, meeting in person may also be postponed first if you don’t have chemistry or are not sure about your match.

To know if you are connecting with a match or not, you can judge from the chats during the chat. In addition, you can also video call by using the Face-to-Face Video Chat feature on Tinder. If you have video calls several times, the chat continues to flow, only then can you consider “ground coffee”.

Respect everyone when socializing

Kalia certainly remembers the lessons at school that ask us to respect and appreciate each other. Of course, you can also apply this when socializing online. If you guys match and respect each other, the conversation will be more connected and fun.

But, if suddenly your match sends messages that contain elements of harassment, threats, offensive words, inappropriate behavior during the chat in the application, this needs to be watched out for. A notification will appear on Tinder. Does this bother you? And you can immediately report the concern.

Apart from that, you can also click the “Shield on Microsoft Windows 10” button on the chat page to open the Reporting Function provided by Tinder if you know the match is using a fake profile or after meeting you in person you get unpleasant words.

From each of your reports, Tinder will immediately investigate it and can even block the account. Keep in mind, your reports not only save yourself, but also other users. So, social activities for you and others in the future can be more comfortable and safer.

Tell other people if you want to meet in person

If you guys and the match still want to meet in person, meet in a public place or open space. But, keep in mind to stick to 3M’s health protocol and avoid crowds. In addition, it is also important for you to tell the closest people about the plan to meet in person.

Keep the conversation light and fun

When chatting with matches try to keep the conversation going about your activities and hobbies in general, especially if it’s still in the early stages. Avoid giving personal information to your matches for whatever reason.

After all, there is much more for you to discuss than overly personal information about yourself or your matches. These are some of the ways to keep our online socializing safe and comfortable. Come on, let’s apply it from now on!

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