6 Foregrip Functions You Need To Know To Define Your PUBG Mobile Style

6 Foregrip Functions You Need To Know To Define Your PUBG Mobile Style

There are various kinds of attachments that can be paired against your weapons in the PUBG Mobile game, where one of the most important is the Foregrip. Where for equipment this one can determine your playing style.

Each weapon has a different foregrip usage, so you also need to know this so you can play more aggressively and deadly. Curious? Come on, just know a series of weapons foregrip functions in the following PUBGM game.

  1. Angled Foregrip

First there is the Angled Foregrip which can be used to reduce recoil horizontally and speed up the aim time. And for recoil that is muted up to 20%, and for this grip is suitable for close combat AR weapons.

2. Vertical Foregrip

About the same as Angled, it’s just that the recoil reduction is vertically by 20% too. And for grip it is suitable for shooting away, or maybe you are using AR weapons to spray down enemies, suitable to use this grip.

3. Light Grip

The highest recoil damping level for this grip is 25%. But as if the additions are useless, because the weapon will get an additional horizontal and vertical recoil spray. So this grip is more suitable for DMR weapons such as SKS or SLR.

4. Half Grip

5. Laser Sight

This grip is best suited as a close-range shooter, because even if it doesn’t open the scope it will keep the shot steady. Coupled with a laser beam, making you can aim at enemies more easily.

6. Thumb Grip

The bar players will match this grip, because it reduces the scope opening time, so you can aim at enemies quickly. However, this grip can also add recoil, so you need to master the recoil reliably to be a true rusher.

That’s the six grip function that you can know in the PUBG Mobile game to improve the intensity and style of your game in the next game. Have a nice play.

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