6 New Skins in Mobile Legends

6 New Skins in Mobile Legends

An update related to the presence of skins in the game Mobile Legends is one of the most awaited by many players. Due to the new skin, it seems to be able to excite the game better to win a match.

And in the following discussion will be delivered related to the latest skin leaks in the following most popular MOBA games that are ready to be obtained by the players some time to come. No. 5 If it’s like this, it’s cool. It’s really different because it’s usually skin.

  1. Eudora

First there is Eudora with a slight change in the make-up on her face, where she looks a little more scary. This is a season change prize skin, so it’s only natural that it’s not that good, and players with tier masters and above will get it.

2. Karina

There have been so many skins from this hero, but Moonton keeps making them. And in this newest skin it’s pretty cool, has more scary horns with clothes that are still like other skins.

3. Hayabusa

Next is Hayabusa, which is getting more modern skin, and uses a more ferocious sword now. It’s not just the clothes and the sword that’s different, but the hair style is different too.

4. Badang

Then there is a badang hero who will also get the latest skin, which if seen as included in the Lightborn group. But it looks like it won’t go in there, because the squad is already full.

5. Kimmy

And what is considered the coolest of all, where the change in Kimmy’s appearance is very far from usual. Especially for the energy canisters carried are also not too conspicuous, with fires that are cooler than usual.

6. Masha

Through this new skin, Masha’s appearance looks more savage than usual. With bigger hands, and armor more hard than his normal skin.

Those are some of the latest skin leaks for Mobile Legends heroes coming soon to be obtained by the players. Just wait for his presence.

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