A series of Updates That Will Be Presented For Android HP Users

A series of Updates That Will Be Presented For Android HP Users

It’s not just preparing its latest operating system, but Google is still paying attention to other Android phone userswho are always loyal to use the operating system. In the next few months, it is said that there will be a series of updates for them.

First will be presented in the Google Pixel series first, then only some Android One devices and general Android phones from various vendors. This update will later skip applications that are already on the device.

For example like Digital Wellbeing which will get a new mode called Bedtime instead of Wind Down. When this mode is active, the Do Not Disturb option will also be activated, so that all notifications including calls and SMS will not be entered. While the screen will also turn black and white only.

To activate the Bedtime Mode itself can be set by the user, whether automatically active at a certain time or when the phone is charging. Then Android phone users can also temporarily turn off this mode without having to damage the daily schedule.

Then there is also an update to the Clock application that will set the Bedtime mode, so users can get healthier sleep quality, get reminders for sleep and wake up time every day.

And users will also get reminders before this mode is active, then there are also options for playing sounds or soothing songs from various platforms, ranging from Spotify, YouTube , Music, Calm, and so forth.

Then lastly there is the Family Link application which will also get an update on the Android cellphone , where this has additional restriction options for children. For example, such as regulating screen time activities, managing applications that can be downloaded, purchases in applications, to maintain sleep time from the child with higher quality.

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