Access LINE on the iPad No Longer Needs a Password, Here’s How

Access LINE on the iPad No Longer Needs a Password, Here’s How

LINE Corporation (“LINE”) recently announced that LINE users on iPad can now log in without using a password. Instead, LINE users can perform biometric authentication on the smartphone they use.

This new feature uses the FIDO standard so that it can eliminate the need to use passwords, reduce the possibility of unwanted logins, and increase the level of security and convenience of using the LINE application.

LINE itself boasts that they always prioritize protecting users’ personal information. Not only that, LINE is also committed to continuing to prioritize the login experience as one of the keys to improving the convenience of the user experience.

To continue this commitment, LINE joined the FIDO Alliance as a board member in 2017. In 2019, LINE has implemented FIDO2 authentication on the LINE Pay service. And starting today, LINE users can also use FIDO2 biometric authentication to log into the LINE app on iPad.

In order to use this feature on the iPad, the user first registers biometric information on a smartphone and connects it to a LINE account. Users can then open the LINE app on their iPad, verify their phone number, and tap “Log in with smartphone” to pair the iPad with the smartphone.

After that, users only need to follow the instructions on their smartphone for the process to complete. When entering the LINE application for the first time, users will be asked to verify their identity using the 6-digit verification number displayed on the smartphone screen.

Starting this year, users can sign in to the desktop version of LINE without a password by using the biometric information stored on their smartphone. Biometric authentication can also be used to move LINE accounts and enter various LINE services starting next year.

LINE also promises to continue to provide the latest updates based on user needs and stick to its core values ​​which aim to provide communication services between family, friends and relatives. LINE will simultaneously provide a variety of other communication services as well as a variety of new, more optimal ways.

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