Alert! This is the Danger of Buying Unqualified Data Cables

Alert! This is the Danger of Buying Unqualified Data Cables

It must be admitted, in the gadget accessories market in Indonesia, there are not a few “naughty” traders who still sell fake kits. In this regard, of course, you have to be more vigilant in buying the device or accessories you want.

The reason is, if you buy a device or accessories, including a data cable at a low price, of course the quality will be very questionable. Indeed, the price of the device or accessories with the original guarantee alias “ori” is very expensive. Of course the price goes hand in hand with the quality you can get.

Well! For those of you who are currently looking for an “ori” data cable for Apple products, such as iPhone, iPad and iPod, HIPPO Elite has the answer. Currently, HIPPO Elite has marketed data cables with the MFI label, which stands for Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod.

One of the HIPPO Elite data cables that already has an MFI label is UL-01. The loaded MFI label is also a license from Apple to third-party accessories manufacturers that make accessories to Apple’s criteria of quality.

In addition to having an official license from Apple, accessories with the MFI label usually have a more affordable price than actual Apple accessories. In addition, the HIPPO Elite UL-01 is also suitable for those of you who have an adapter with a Type-C port so that this cable supports Power Delivery technology.

Regarding the presence of UL-01 in the gadget accessories market in Indonesia, HIPPO Elite also wants to inform you why you have to replace the fake data cable with the “original” one, here are some things that might happen with your device, especially the iPhone if you buy the wrong one. .

Experiencing overheating

One thing you should know is that the electric current on a fake charger is of course not, sometimes it’s too high, sometimes it’s too low. This is what is very dangerous for your iPhone. If you charge your iPhone with a fake cable, it is possible that the smartphone may overheat or overheat easily.

It is easy to damage the battery

Of course, one of the most important components in a smartphone, including the iPhone, is the battery. If you are stubborn about using fake charging cables, one of the components that will be easily damaged is the battery. This is because the non-original cable has a lower voltage than the original one.

Other components are also easily damaged

Who said using fake cables would only have an impact on the battery? In fact, fake cables can also have an impact on other components on your iPhone. This is because the charging that comes from the charger and the fake cable is not working properly.

Worse, the iPhone can explode

You must have read the news about smartphones that exploded suddenly. This incident could have been due to using a non-original charging cable and charger head. When the smartphone is charging continuously, the device will overload the current and cause it to explode.

Now, that’s the danger of using “fake” charging cables that stalk its users. How? Do you still want to buy fake accessories or data cables for your gadget? Once again, the price offered is much different from the “ori” cable. But remember! There is a price, there is quality.

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