Android 12 is Mentioned Easier to Install Applications Outside the Play Store

Android 12 is Mentioned Easier to Install Applications Outside the Play Store

For now, the Android 11 operating system has not adopted too many, some vendors are known to be still only doing trials and development. However, there have been leaks regarding the next generation, Android 12 .

The operating system that will be released by Google next year is said to make it easier for Android cellphone users to install android applications from third parties, aka outside of the Google Play Store .

As reported by Engadget, this is a feature that is a form of response to feedback from developers and promises to provide details regarding this new feature later in the future.

The Google company has also made an update to its policy regarding in- app purchases . Where all developers offer digital goods through their application, the payment process must be done through the billing system from the Play Store .

Developers are said to be given a grace period until September 30, 2021, to fully implement Google’s billing system. So that the following announcement is in line with what is also offered by Apple’s App Store , so that in the end the competition between these application stores is more comparable.

Google company has confirmed that this policy will affect at most 3 percent of developers with applications on the Play Store. And of these, 97% are already using the Google Play billing system which allows users to pay for their in-app purchases.

However, less than 1% of developers on the Google Play Store such as Netflix and Spotify companies, for example, have now passed this requirement by asking their subscribers to make a subscription payment directly.

And with regard to this policy change, it will effectively force companies to pay Google a fee of 30%, when making in-app purchases. Where this new policy only emerged in response to the removal of Fortnite games from the Play Store.

So later on through Android 12 , developers like Epic Games or other companies will no longer be able to avoid what has become Google’s policy. When they target purchases via Android phones , they still get taxes, as well as iOS 14, which is completely blocked for Fortnite.

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