Android Users Now It’s Difficult to Play Games

Android Users Now It’s Difficult to Play Games

As it is known, the level of popularity of Android phones today is very difficult to stop, especially with the various new innovations offered by each vendor, making the development of the Android World more rampant in various regions.

Even so, as a developer, there are also problems that can harm its users. Even though it’s as big as Google , which is the main developer of the Android operating system.

Recently during the development of the Android 11 OS , the Cupertino-based company faced a problem where since a month after being launched, a bug appeared that made it difficult for the application to appear in full screen.

This bug does not only disturb users when they want to play games , but also other applications that rely on the full screen such as YouTube and the like are disturbed. Thus, users also cannot enjoy the device comfortably.

Even though almost all developers have now optimized the full screen with the aim that users can enjoy the screen to its fullest. However, since the update to Android 11, users have become annoyed, so it seems that there is no point in carrying out these optimizations.

The game that is most affected by the following bugs, namely PUBG Mobile and a series of other FPS genre games. Because the player in this game is wider, the better because it can position the controller more freely, and get a wide view.

Several users who were also affected have said that they have been able to solve this problem, namely by closing the game that is currently running. Then they opened it again.

However, this does not apply, the alias is applied to all Android games or Android applications , so that when tried several times it still does not change. Even though it has actually been reported since the beta version, the Google company still hasn’t provided a solution.

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