Anti-Too Soon Seamless Landing Tips at PUBG Mobile

Anti-Too Soon Seamless Landing Tips at PUBG Mobile

For PUBG Mobile it has become one of the First Person Shooter games that offers gameplay concepts almost close to the real world. Because indeed the various kinds of equipment and game systems are more or less the same.

Although not very intimate, but the technique of using a parachute must be the maximum, because it will determine really early in the game. If the landing can’t be smooth, then you might even be too soon, so you can’t continue into the game .

And here are some tips you can apply to get a smooth landing, so you can win the duel even at the beginning. But it must be supported with a steady aim as well, in order to win when one on one.

  1. Determine Waterfall Location

As a team, make sure you land at a point where there is no contact, at least in half, so that you can still back up each other. Especially when landing in a place that is certainly crowded like Pecado, Pochinki, Novo, paradise resorts, villas, castles, and many others.

For the determination of this plunge point can be given a sign since you gathered somewhere before entering the plane. Try you also have memorized every detail of the place, to better understand where to go after landing.

  1. Waterfall Direction

Don’t be right on top of it and jump in, or head straight to the center. Instead you just swoop down and move to the side to go to the marked place.

So it’s like forming a 45 degree angle when you dive, and it’s more effective and can make you go down faster.

  1. Jump in the Right Distance

Don’t get too early too slow, make sure you have a 45 degree angle, just jump right in. But if you are far away, you can use ordinary techniques to get to your destination.

  1. Try on the Upper Building

For high rise buildings like Pecado, for example, you can land directly in the topmost apartment, then looting downward. That will be more effective, because you can immediately see the view down and if there are enemies you can immediately shoot.

Whereas in the Arena too, you can go straight through the top roof, where it will open a wider view. Especially in TPP mode, the top is more advantageous than the bottom.

  1. Watch Around

And just before the alias landing when the parachute opens, pay close attention to the surrounding conditions and mark every enemy that exists. Because if you memorize where the enemy landed, obviously it will be easier to raid it, or you can’t be kidnapped more easily because you are aware of the spot.

Those are some of the most effective landing tips so they don’t get caught easily in the PUBG Mobile game . Have a nice play.

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