Apple does not reduce the number of iPhones that can support iOS 14

Apple does not reduce the number of iPhones that can support iOS 14

It is natural that every vendor will provide a reduction in the number of updates to the device made. That’s because it’s because the device is not supportive, not strong, and so on. But it seems this year will be an exception for iPhone devices .

Because Apple is reportedly not going to implement a reduction in the number of devices that get update support for the upcoming iOS 14 operating system . So that all smartphones that previously run iOS 13 can update to the latest OS as follows.

As reported by Ubergizmo, according to a report from The Verifier, it has been claimed that a device running iOS 13 will also certainly be able to update it to iOS 14. Thus, even devices like the iPhone 7 series are still getting this operating system update .

Please note that some devices that are now running the iOS 13 operating system include the iPhone SE , iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X , iPhone XS and XS Max, and iPhone 11 , 11 Pro , 11 Pro Max, until the latest iPhone SE 2020 yesterday.

If this really is so, it is clearly a proud news because older devices such as the iPhone 6s and also the iPhone 6s Plus still get the latest operating system updates from Apple, so they have the opportunity to enjoy a range of new features, services and experiences offered.

It is still unknown in detail what updates will be offered by Apple in the latest iOS 14 operating system . But clearly the company from Cupertino, the United States will hold a WWDC event to introduce a series of new software on June 22, 2020.

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