Apple Plans for a More Premium Keyboard with This Material

Apple Plans for a More Premium Keyboard with This Material

When discussing the Apple brandit is not far from the word premium, where apart from its name which is already very famous and expensive worldwide, the devices offered by themselves are truly capable and agile to perform various kinds of activities, especially for the latest models.

In addition to the iPhone , another feature that is superior is the Laptop device which does not forget to put forward its design as well. You could say the MacBook series now is a little different than laptops in general, because it uses “Magic Keyboard” so that it provides better typing comfort.

But before that, the Cupertino-based company had experienced a failure where when developing the “Butterfly keyboard”, because it was deemed to lack comfort in typing. And now there are plans that the keyboard will be made more premium by using glass.

Reporting from Ubergizmo, this information was revealed in the latest patent registered by Apple . The basis for choosing this glass material is said to last longer and is not easy to fade. In addition, glass can also be used on smaller devices such as the keyboard for the iPad for example. Especially with the use of this glass material, making the backlit more optimal.

“The keycap can look dramatic when changing color when backlit lighting changes color. For example, two colors or RGB LEDs used for backlit can change the color of the keycap with a greater proportion, “so the information delivered by Apple .

Also unclear is also related to the latest patent this time, whether the vendor is only replacing the button with glass material, or maybe as a whole made of glass so that it looks like a special screen for typing by the user.

Since this is still a patent, it cannot be expected that Apple will make and distribute it on the market. Because this company has also become a habit to register patents related to its findings, whether they want to use it or not in the future.

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