Apple Presents iOS 13.5 Update with COVID-19 Features

Apple Presents iOS 13.5 Update with COVID-19 Features

In recent times, not a few developers have tried to offer applications for the sake of tracking or helping to handle the spread of COVID-19. Apple is no exception that even offers special features to handle this pandemic through the iOS 13.5 operating system.

The Cupertino company is known to have recently released the latest operating system update version 13.5 for iPhone and iPad devices . With some adjustments, users can even more easily use their devices.

For example, when scanning Face ID security features, users no longer need to open the mask. Where before this still could not be done, because the scan will be done thoroughly of all parts of the face.

And through this iOS 13.5 update later the Face ID feature through the help of TrueDepth camera can be done even though the user still uses the mask though. Because the system will pass (bypass) if indeed users wear masks, and are required to enter a number of codes that have been made before.

Not only to lock the screen, but this kind of security feature is also done when the user verifies when making online payments. And along with that, there is an update to the Exposure Notification API, which is a COVID-19 contact tracing feature that Apple developed with Google .

This application from a health institution that supports the Exposure Notification API can later use the Bluetooth feature on the device to find out if anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 is in their area or not.

If there is, the user will get a notification and instructions for the next step that must be done. And this Exposure Notification is not an application, but only an Application Programming Interface (API) which can be used for applications with related contract tracing features.

In addition, Apple also offers a feature to share various user’s health information automatically when making emergency calls (SOS) such as allergic to one thing and another on iOS 13.5 . So you could say that this operating system is more supportive of the health and safety of its users.

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