Avoid Boredom, COD Mobile Prepare the Latest Battle Royale Map

Avoid Boredom, COD Mobile Prepare the Latest Battle Royale Map

At the beginning of its presence, the COD Mobile gameimmediately became very popular, and competed with a series of other shooting games that were already popular before, such as PUBG Mobile and also Free Fire.

But unfortunately, the following game can be said to be still unsatisfactory, especially in Battle Royale mode. That is because indeed the map offered is still not yet available, there is only one alias.

Unlike the PUBG Mobile which now has 4 Battle Royale maps that offer many interesting cities. However, it is different from the arcade mode where Map is more variant of COD Mobile, because that is indeed the map intended for matches, aka tournaments.

And after all this time, in the end there is now another new map for Battle Royale in the COD Mobile game . So that players who might like the mode, can treat a bit of boredom when playing it.

In this new map there are several cities that are ready to be used for fighting players, including Downtown, Black Market, Sanitarium, Frigid Wetland, Ski Town, and Heat. It was not stated when the release of this new folder, but through its official Twitter account @PlayCODMobile, it was said that this map will be present in updates this week.

Of course with the presence of the following new map, players can get new experiences. But it is clear that new exploration must be obtained again, to recognize every corner of this new map so that players can win a duel every time they meet with an enemy.

Not only just the presence of the map, but in the next update on COD Mobile will also get a new season 7. For those of you who might already be curious, can look forward to updates in the next game via the Google Play Store or the App Store . Have a nice play.

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