Benedetta, the New Hero Assassin in Mobile Legends with Complete Skill

Benedetta, the New Hero Assassin in Mobile Legends with Complete Skill

It’s not just Chong, but now there is another new hero named Benedetta, where he is an assassin hero who can be said to have complete skills in Mobile Legends as a kidnapper hero.

This hero is still in the Advanced Server and his presence is classified as new, indeed it has been overtaken by khaleed as a fighter, but it’s still not full of the presence of the hero fighter . Unlike Benedetta, which is already a full version, where the animation to her skill description is clearly listed.

First we discuss the passive skill first, where this assassin hero is different from the others, because it has a pure dash effect with only basic attacks. So you can do it anytime, without the need for cooldown. Benedetta can only stand the basic attack for some time and release, it will attack with a little dash.

Of course this is very complete as a hero assassin in Mobile Legends that requires fast movements without having to be hindered by the enemy when they want to steal the hero core. However, it takes some time to be able to do a dash, where there is a sword-shaped energy that must be fully charged first.

As for his skill 1, he also moves swiftly, where Benedetta will open a fan-shaped attack towards the front. And Benedetta will jump back first, then back forward to give an attack against enemies in the area, especially those who fit the hero will get more damage.

Then for skill 2, this is the most useful, because Benedetta will prepare to dash in a certain direction by charging in a short amount of time, before stabbing in a certain direction. And when doing this charge, he will not get 1x any attack (hero, turret, lord, etc.), so he seems more immune.

But if you get beaten up, you still might die easily. But at least this effect helps him a little to kidnap the enemy that is attacking him, or maybe when he tries to run away.

Finally, the ultimate skill of the hero assassin in Mobile Legends gives you blind attacks in the area. Much like the Hanzo 2 skill during Devil mode, but the shape is similar to the ultimate elongated Hylos . More details can be seen in the following video.

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