Car Racing Game Need For Speed ​​2021 is Leaking in Gameplay

Car Racing Game Need For Speed ​​2021 is Leaking in Gameplay

While still in the construction project stage, the developer will first focus on completing a game he is working on. However, it seems that for the car racing game Need For Speed ​​2021 has leaked related gameplay that can be played by the players later.

As information is widely circulating, it is stated that this latest version of the game will be held again by Criterion Games, after a reboot in 2015 until Heat has been held by Ghost Games.

With Criterion Games being held back, it is hoped that there will be a noticeable change for the players, by presenting some old gameplay but with a more modern touch. However, yesterday there were also leaks related to the gameplay of the latest car racing game which is still under construction.

It is still not known clearly where the gameplay video leaked from the game, but quickly many gaming YouTubers have made a reaction video regarding the appearance of the gameplay video. Where one of them is Theo or maybe more commonly known as BlackPanthaa.

Can be seen in a gameplay video for Need For Speed ​​2021 reacted, it is still really in the early stages of development. Because the graphics themselves are still not perfect, many buildings are still unfinished and there are a number of other shortcomings.

However, from the video it can be seen that the handling of the car will go back a bit to the era of Most Wanted 2012 / Rival, where the car will still go fast even in the condition of drifting though. Not only that, but when it is in off-road mode even though it can still go fast.

In addition, there have been quite a number of jumps, which indicates the Burnout era will return in Need For Speed ​​2021 . The plus problem, where many players will experience nostalgia for such gameplay. However, the minus is that the realistic experience of car racing games will of course decrease.

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