Cheap Smartphone Standards Will Be Enhanced

Cheap Smartphone Standards Will Be Enhanced

It’s not just the focus in the development of Smartphone devices that continue to experience the latest innovation improvements, but the Google company has noticed low – cost smartphones that are widely circulating on the market.

One form of attention given is the scrolling of the Android Go Edition operating system, which offers more stable capabilities compared to the Android version , and can run smoothly on even low-specification phones.

But it looks like the Google company is forcing vendors to raise the standards of cheap cellphones. Initially there was no compulsion related to the installation of this Android Go , which is only recommended with a 1GB RAM phone or lower than that. But this seems to be changing.

Where in the fourth quarter of 2020, the Google company will force the vendor to release an inexpensive smartphone with an internal memory supply of 2GB RAM or less to use Android 11 Go Edition only.

So for Android vendors who want a new device in the entry-level segment with only 2GB of RAM or an internal memory supply, they are required to run it with Android Go Edition, whether it’s the latest Android 10 or Android 11 though.

This applies only to new model devices, while Android smartphones with 2GB RAM capacity that are already circulating on the market today, can still run the regular Android operating system. However, if like the Samsung Galaxy A01 Core has been present with Android Go since the initial release.

Besides that, the Google company also set the lowest standard to bring this Android 11 Go Edition. Where devices with 512MB RAM will not be able to run it, because it does not meet the requirements to run Google Mobile Service services offered.

Indeed, this will provide a better experience for users, because inexpensive smartphones can run applications more smoothly. Not only is RAM support bigger, but it’s also thanks to a minimized operating system.

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