Chong’s New Hero of Mobile Fighter Legends is horrified that there’s no cure

Chong’s New Hero of Mobile Fighter Legends is horrified that there’s no cure

For now, the players after Kupa & Popol’s arrival will wait for the presence of Luo Yi, who has been present at Advanced Server since a few weeks ago. However, in the latest update there are other new heroes who enter the role fighter in the game Mobile Legends .

And for the hero this time is not an ordinary character, because it has a severe OP strength. The hero will come with the name Chong “Black Dragon”. As the name implies, where this character will later have 4 active skills, one of which is able to transform himself into a dragon.

Indeed, when you become a dragon this damage is not much, more or less the same as a tanker hero. But what makes it special is that when it turns into a dragon it cannot be given any CC effects, from knock-ups, stunts, and so on. So that Chong can crash into his enemy to give a stunt effect in a short amount of time.

Then for the first skill, Chong was able to change the cloak he wore to become a weapon and deal damage areas with a large enough circle animation effect. As for skill 2, it can attract enemies in one area, but if there is still energy from the dragon (after turning into a dragon) for 10 seconds, Chong can pull enemies in a wider area in a certain direction.

And for skill 3 from the fearsome hero fighter in Mobile Legends it’s more or less the same as the Minotaur , where Chong will jump in a certain direction and damage the area. As for passive skills, each attack skill from Chong will mark the enemy, and when it’s full it will explode on its own.

So that for this hero really suited as a hero fighter, the front line fighter who doubles as the team protector and the most effective war opener besides the hero tank. For now it still exists in Advanced Server Mobile Legends , there is still no information related to his arrival on a public server.

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