COD Mobile Enter Season 8, What’s New?

COD Mobile Enter Season 8, What’s New?

Not inferior to a series of other online games, where COD Mobile also regularly provides support for updates. Apart from presenting skins, there are also some updates that affect the fighting style of each player as well.

In this season 8, the shooting game carries the theme “The Forge” which offers a new battle pass as well. Through BP in this new season, players can get two unique costumes derived from the characters of Tank Dempsey and Krueger. In addition, players will also get new weapons of type AR, DR-H and a sniper named HBRa3.

It’s still not enough, so you can also enjoy the latest map called Highrise which is adapted from the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and has attracted the attention of many players. This map can be enjoyed in multiplayer mode, which carries the theme of battle among tall buildings.

For sniper lovers, it is very appropriate to be on a helipad with a wide view and can freely aim at enemies from a distance. When the enemy uses AR weapons alone it will be difficult to reach you, because of course recoil control is not easy. Unlike the Sniper who only need one bullet to finish him.

In addition, Juggernaut mode will also be presented where in the following mode the player can fight 5v1. Even though you guys are ganged up, it’s not an easy matter to finish off the juggernaut in COD Mobile , because it is one of the strongest characters in the Call of Duty series.

Then there is also a new skill operator that can be used by players, namely Katana. Where this will kill the enemy quickly at close range, when detecting enemies near the smoke grenade. So that its ability is more deadly than an ordinary knife.

Players can already find Season 8 COD Mobile by updating the application. In addition, there will also be a Days of Summer event as well as the Awakene Solstice some time to come. So, just wait.

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