Cool, Latest Honor Smartphone Ready to Face the New Normal Life

Cool, Latest Honor Smartphone Ready to Face the New Normal Life

Because of the spread of the corona virus yesterday, people’s life patterns have changed. And if the quarantine continues, of course regions that are not ready to face fully online will experience an economic decline, including smartphone sales aswell.

As has been mentioned by the government some time ago, where new normal life will soon be applied in the face of conditions like this. And various companies also product releases must be adjusted as well.

For example, as performed by the following Honor , where it has the latest cell phone called Play 4 Pro which is equipped with infrared thermometer technology. Through a promotional video uploaded on the Weibo social media page , it is explained that this device is able to measure a person’s body temperature by pointing it to the forehead or wrist.

Indeed, this is somewhat strange, because there is a temperature temometer on a Smartphone device Even so, when viewed in terms of current conditions, it can be said that Honor Play 4 Pro is more useful when compared to other phones in general.

Because one of the indications of people infected with COVID-19 is that they have body temperatures above average, so they can always be vigilant and check their body temperature when outside. Whether it’s for himself or maybe get someone else checked.

Honor claims that this device can also be used to measure the temperature of other objects, with the lowest temperature support of -20 degrees Celsius and a maximum point of 100 degrees Celsius with an accuracy of up to one tenth of a degree.

Then in terms of embedded specifications, the Honor Play 4 Pro offers a middle-class spec with a MediaTek Dimensity 800 chip and is supported by 6GB of internal RAM. Then there are also expensive models with different performance, the Kirin 990 Chip with 8GB of RAM.

For now, this smartphone with a thermometer is only marketed in China with prices starting at USD 421. There are also options without a thermometer, with prices a little more affordable. It is still unclear whether this device will be sold outside of China or not.

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