Cool, These 3 Interesting Features are Only in the iOS Version of WhatsApp Application

Cool, These 3 Interesting Features are Only in the iOS Version of WhatsApp Application

Indeed, it is from the same developer, but the ability of the support system makes the functions of the WhatsApp applicationcan be as diverse as on the Android or iOS platforms for example.

There are many similarities that exist in both versions, because the Facebook subsidiary does not want to choose to cause disunity. But through the help of the iOS operating system , it can make these 3 functions more special. Are you curious? Let’s just refer to the following discussion.

  1. Add Chat to Home

Through this feature, it makes it easier for users to reach certain contacts and establish communication with that person. The trick is to open the Shortcuts application , and create Shortcuts >> click Add Action and search for Send Message via WhatsApp >> add the contact you want to contact.

  1. How to Schedule a Message

There are actually on Android devices , but with the helper application that is not the same. To schedule messages on this iOS platform, you can get the Shortcuts application on the App Store >> select the Automation tab and click Creat Personal Automation >> click Time of Day and set the date and time of sending the automatic message.

After that click Add Action >> enter the message on the Text tab >> click the plus icon and search for the WhatsApp application >> select the recipient >> you will get a notification sending the message.

  1. Ask Siri to Read the Message

And this time it’s really only on iOS-based devices, because Siri is only on iPhones and other Apple ecosystems , and the capabilities are a little different than Google Assistant .

To activate the feature, you can first open Settings first >> look for Siri >> activate Siri with Use with Ask Siri. Thus, you will later be read the incoming message when the user requests it.

Those are the three features that can be found on the iOS version of the WhatsApp application , and may also be on Android but with different application methods and assistance. Good luck.

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