Danger, Click OK On This Notification Can Create a WhatsApp Account Change Hands

Danger, Click OK On This Notification Can Create a WhatsApp Account Change Hands

Indeed the security of chatting on the WhatsApp platformis guaranteed because there is end-to-end encryption. However, the process of taking over this kind of account is still very possible because of some tricks from hackers.

As is rife in recent times, where they complain that they get a notification, then their own account logs out from the device and cannot be controlled at all. As you can see yourself in the picture, where there are 2 options that can be done by the user.

Not just one or two people and taking important people, but this kind of hacking is done randomly on a number of people. And as information from the Vaksin.com cyber security expert Alfons Tanujaya, it is recommended not to click OK.

He said that notifications like that were not a sign that the WhatsApp account had been hijacked, but had been hijacked. And Alfons also explained that when you get a notification like this you should click the verification button, don’t click OK.

When verifying, the user who is supposed to get some verification codes can help secure the account. As usual, there are six digit numbers sent for the process, and it is sent via SMS or telephone.

Meanwhile, when a user clicks OK, the user means agreeing when someone else tries to enter his account using another device. And if the original user does not immediately get access again, and login, then his account has the potential to be misused.

There are various forms of piracy that occur, ranging from damaging the good name, disturbing the group, spreading slander to making loans without the knowledge of users, and many others.

But Alfons explained that it is not enough to make a loan online using a WhatsApp account , because other documents such as KTP, KK, and several other documents are needed. But if everything is complete in the account then it’s useless, it can still be done.

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