We at AI-22.COM provide several rules that must be obeyed while being a member and use the website AI-22.COM , these rules are made so that AI-22.COM can run well and provide maximum service to all who use AI-22.COM facilities .

Use the name AI-22.COM

It is forbidden to use and or in the name of AI-22.COM for certain personal or group interests without the permission of AI-22.COM . This violation can result in copyright and intellectual infringement.


All types of articles posted by original authors / contributors of AI-22.COM are protected. It is forbidden to distribute, post in any form without permission from AI-22.COM .


Opinions and comments from members and admin / moderators are personal opinions and do not reflect the views of AI-22.COMAI-22.COM is not responsible for violations that occur from member / admin / moderator comments that appear in interactions on news / reviews / other content on this website.

Criticism and suggestions

All types of criticisms and suggestions can be sent via the CONTACT US form .

We apologize if there are those who are not pleased with the writing or the rules that we made, all of this we made as well as possible without reducing the space for all who use AI-22.COM facilities