Don’t Do These 3 Things When Being an Offlaner in Mobile Legends

Don’t Do These 3 Things When Being an Offlaner in Mobile Legends

There are various types of roles that can be played in the Mobile Legends team, and if indeed the team can be balanced it is very supportive of the game’s victory. Depending on the strategy adopted as well, what kind of game path will be taken, so that it can use the right combination of roles.

But in any role or strategy, offlaner becomes important and must be in every type of strategy, because he is one of the important players in the game to do a split push also focus on the main lane to break into enemy territory.

However, there are still some fatal mistakes that can make offlaner players unable to complete their mission properly, so the team will become overwhelmed too later. For that, consider the following discussion in order to improve.

Mistakes Frequently Made Offlaner in Mobile Legends

  1. Blind Map

In the first point there is the problem of blind map, where players can not read the enemy estimates will run to where and provide a major threat to which lane. Only focused on doing pushes on his own lane so that many of his friends who died even though still ignorant.

Do not be like that, pay attention to the movement of the enemy and if it is really difficult lane can immediately help. Or maybe when the person taking care of the lane is roaming, replace his position for clear minion, because it is too far away when doing cross laning.

Then, when a friend comes to your lane, it is more aggressive to lure the enemy and aim at your team to finish off together. This will definitely help in terms of lane, gold, to the hero core exp as well.

  1. Position

Also pay attention to your position in Mobile Legends, as previously explained where you are not recommended to cross laning, ie from the bottom straight up. At least you can help clear only 1 or 2 minions in the middle lane and immediately return to the lane itself for split push.

Do not be too offside too, where you ambition clear minions to the enemy base, because if it is not agile or strong then you can easily be gank enemy. Unless you use Uranus and win a level, you can do it. The HP regen effect that can constantly make it survive even in the gank though.

  1. Can Change Position

Not only focus on the lane itself, because offlaners can also change positions with players on the opposite lane. This is different from cross laning whose job is as a maid, because changing this position forces the one initially in the upper lane, exchanging with the person doing the split push down.

This can adjust to the enemies encountered in the lane, and this is usually done when the offlaner has difficulty facing an enemy who often ganks against him.

Those are some of the mistakes of hero offlaners that really should be avoided as well as possible so as not to easily lose the Mobile Legends game . Have a nice play.

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