Don’t Panic, How to Overcome Windows 10 Errors in the Latest Updates

Don’t Panic, How to Overcome Windows 10 Errors in the Latest Updates

Maybe it’s no stranger to you related to updates that are always rolled out by Microsoft to their Desktop operating system. To fix various kinds of problems in Windows 10 , updates continue to be given regularly to all users.

However, in each of these updates is not always better, because there are just a few problems that might be discovered by users. As in the update for the patch of May 2020 yesterday for example, where users even get new problems that can make the device even error.

For Intel Optane memory users, especially the M10 and H10 series, they report that they have experienced a continuous decline in performance and errors. But not all, but this problem occurs in Intel Optane users who forcibly install updates using the Media Creation Tool.

Please note that beforehand, Windows 10 did indeed automatically block the May 2020 update, because there was a mismatch between Intel Optane and the update. While the Media Creation Tool is a tool made by Microsoft with the function of installing W10 directly via USB or DVD.

And to overcome that is fixing the update problem by restoring the old operating system before the update. However, there are other ways that can be done that is removing the Intel Optane Pinning Explorer Extensions on the computer that is experiencing the error, the way is:

  • You go to Control Panel and select “Uninstall a Program” and select “Intel Optane Pinning Explorer Extensions”
  • After that, you right-click on the option and select uninstall
  • Next, you need to disable Intel Optane on the Computer
  • Enter the Intel Optane Memory application and select Setup, click Disable
  • Next restart your computer and turn on the Intel Optane again

More or less like that is an easy way to overcome errors that occur in Windows 10 on the last update yesterday.

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