“Dungeon X Dungeon” This Adventure Game Has A Unique Way To Present More Challenging Ads

“Dungeon X Dungeon” This Adventure Game Has A Unique Way To Present More Challenging Ads

As it is known that the alias advertisement (ads) become something that is quite disturbing in adventure games . Due to the appearance itself is not too friendly, and often takes the wrong time.

Maybe it is rare now that an ad appears suddenly, but most will display it just before the player does anything when the stage is successfully completed. Or maybe while in the menu and appears in the menu move.

Of course, such emergence is still considered disturbing for the players, so it is possible for players to delete the game and not play it again. But different from this one developer who has a unique way to offer these ads.

Players seem to be more challenged to complete an adventure game , because new ads will appear when players step on a trap that has been prepared by the developer. So, when the player does not want the display, must try to avoid the trap as well as possible.

This game is called DungeonxDungeon, which is a 2-dimensional ARPG game. Yes, maybe the obstacles will be so easy at the beginning of the game, so players will not see advertisements because everything can be avoided easily.

However, if you’ve stepped on to a higher stage, obviously it will be increasingly difficult to pass. But with the presence of such advertisements, it makes the players even more challenged to pass it. No longer forced like other games that require players to have to see ad impressions in certain rounds.

A glimpse of the game DungeonxDungeon, which tells the story of Hunter Luke who is on an adventure to prevent the presence of the Demon King. You who may be curious and interested in trying the following adventure games , can directly visit the Google Play Store or the App Store .

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