Dynasty Warriors 9 Mobile Version Will Be Released Soon

Dynasty Warriors 9 Mobile Version Will Be Released Soon

In recent times the popularity of mobile games is really on the rise, where many big developers are planning to offer their flagship games to be played on mobile devices as well. No exception KOEI Tecmo who wants to present Dynasty Warriors 9 .

For the following adventure games reported immediately heading to the western market, namely America and Europe to be the mainstay of the game’s destination. Even so, KOEI still has not officially revealed when the release schedule of one of his franchises.

By being offered on a mobile device, of course there will be some adjustments that must be given in order to provide comfort for the game by gamers. In terms of control, to the storyline is also the battle mode.

Please note that the Shin Dynasty Warriors 8 or the release version in the western region known as Dynasty Warriors 9 is a franchise from Dynasty Warrior who adapted the MMORPG game system after maintaining the state features for a long time.

This mobile version will be developed by Nexon Korea, and will be worked on by Studio One. Thus, the players will get the Dynasty Warriors game system with an open-world system which will offer various kinds of actions from the royal generals from the plains of China.

Each character of them has the ability to alias special skills, where you can choose one of them to be fully controlled, cut all enemies in your path to complete a mission.

Of course this is a pleasant news, especially for those of you who are already curious and want to play famous figures like Lu Bu with his deadly strength, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Cao Cao, and many others. Not yet explained, when Dynasty Warriors 9 will be presented in Asian Countries.

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