Easy way to get PUBG Mobile X Burger King Special Skin

Easy way to get PUBG Mobile X Burger King Special Skin

Various food industries right now are experiencing difficulties, due to the corona virus pandemic which is again on the rise. However, some fast food providers will also not run out of ideas in conducting promotions, such as Burger King, for example, which is collaborating with PUBG Mobile .

For this collaboration has been ongoing since May, so players can get some attractive offers such as special skins in the game with every purchase of Burger King. However, it does not last long, only players can get this special promo until 31 May 2020.

And to get attractive offers, you also have to download the Burger King app first. When it has been downloaded and installed successfully, then you can fill in some of the required information such as name, date of birth, gender, email, as well as the telephone number used.

Then PUBG Mobile players who want to get this special skin can see the Shake n Win section, and you can shake your device until the crates on the screen open. When the chest is open, you can get a coupon that can be redeemed.

Not only through the event, but you can also collect reward points or crowns. The trick is to purchase at least 15 thousand rupiahs in Burger King to get 1 Crown.

Meanwhile, to get an exclusive skin in the PUBGM game, you need 10 crowns to redeem. The terms and conditions that are skin can be exchanged on the same day (before 12 o’clock), and level 1 skin can be used for 6 days in the game.

And for Shake n Win coupons cannot be combined / exchanged with other promos, and you can use the code to upgrade your skin code in PUBG Mobile . Players will only get 1 promo code a day.

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