Eliminate Old Traces, Now Delete Many Facebook Posts Just One Click

Eliminate Old Traces, Now Delete Many Facebook Posts Just One Click

Everyone will naturally experience a phase of growth, where we don’t always have good thoughts. And even uploading something on social media platforms like Facebook like that, things are a little embarrassing when we find out in the future.

To get rid of such old traces, we must erase one at a time for the previous time. But now it is no longer the case, because users can delete many posts at once with just one click.

The new feature offered by the social media giant is Manage Activity, where the feature will help users save time and effort, because it can erase hundreds or even more posts at once.

And for how to use it itself is fairly easy, where users can enter the profile page through the Facebook application on Android or iOS devices . Then you select “activity log”. In this menu the user will be able to find the “manage activity” option.

Now, in that option the users can give a sign of any posts that you want deleted or moved to the archive. In addition, users can also narrow the search for old posts using the filter menu, so they can know what are the topics that you want to delete.

Based on information from Tech Crunch, it was mentioned that this feature was first available for the Facebook Lite application on Android phones as well as iOS, as well as mobile web. So that for Desktop users still cannot enjoy the feature.

Even for now you who are in Indonesia have been able to enjoy the latest features offered by Facebook below. So that it can begin to eliminate a series of old posts that are considered unfit to air on your FB timeline. Good luck.

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