Epic Games bosses Call Games on PS 5 Can Be Equivalent to Graphic Movies

Epic Games bosses Call Games on PS 5 Can Be Equivalent to Graphic Movies

Due to an increase in terms of devices, of course game developers have to make adjustments to the game so that it can run optimally on the latest peripherals launched, including PlayStation 5 aka PS 5 that was just announced by SONY a few weeks ago.

Well, Kim Liberi as Epic Games Chief Technology Officer has conducted interviews with Official PlayStation Magazine UK, mentioning that the latest generation of consoles is able to make the dreams he has been wanting to realize.

That is because with the help of Nanite Unreal Engine 5 technology that runs on PS 5 or Xbox Series X, it can offer games with quality graphic “Movie-Quality” assets in a game . Thus, not only offer a storyline that can be composed by the players themselves, but the graphics are extraordinary.

“Next-gen graphics and processing power not only make a game more immersive, but also allow developers to present a new gameplay formula that can take advantage of a fully dynamic environment and lighting, much better physics, smarter AI, and multiplayer experience. richer, “that’s how the Epic Games boss said more or less.

And this developer argues that Unreal Engine 5 is able to make it together with other developers to import film-quality source art consisting of hundreds to billions of polygons directly into the engine.

For this Nanite technology, it will increase the scale of these assets in real time, which obviously will reduce the time needed to make adjustments to the performance of a game significantly without having to make visual reduction.

Besides that, he also explained that the creators now could express their creativity freely to create interesting games . Because there is already qualified technology, ready to realize ideas completely, there are no more restrictions like the previous era in the PS 5 generation and above later.

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