Even though it is expensive, this old cellphone still sells well in the market

Even though it is expensive, this old cellphone still sells well in the market

Smartphone devices now have become mandatory items for all people, because without a smart phone, of course there will be some difficulties. However, the role of old school mobile phones is still important in meeting human needs.

If you use a lot of smartphone devices, of course, will experience excessive addiction, making it more difficult for someone to get out of his grasp. There are various kinds of exciting applications or games on the device, which makes someone more comfortable using the device.

Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang already have a solution to this problem to make someone no longer addicted to excessive cellphones. Through the device called Light Phone II, then someone will still be able to connect with others, but can keep their distance from their sophisticated smartphone.

Because this old school cellphone already offers a 4G LTE connection, but don’t expect you to enjoy unlimited internet , because the functionality of the device is very minimal. There are only 2 main functions and features offered by these devices, namely SMS and Phone only.

Although its functions are very minimal, but the device price is quite fantastic for the people of Indonesia. Light Phone II is offered at a price of US $ 350 or around Rp 4.7 million, even though its function is just that, but it is priced as expensive as that, Real Pro 5 just loses in terms of price.

“Mobile phones are devices that serve you as users, not vice versa. Light Phone II is a phone that respects its users highly, “that’s the main information conveyed on the support website for Light Phone II.

Launching from Pop Sugar, Hollier and Tang has launched the latest version of this old school cellphone since the end of 2019 yesterday. That was done after the first generation Light Phone immediately sold out in a very short time. And Light Phone II can now be ordered with delivery in March 2020.

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