Explore Sanhok Map in Mystical New Mode at PUBG Mobile

Explore Sanhok Map in Mystical New Mode at PUBG Mobile

To provide satisfying excitement to every player, the developer of PUBG Mobile has offered periodic updates. And in each of these updates certainly offers something interesting, which can entertain the players.

And at the beginning of June 2020 this time, the players were presented with a mystical Sanhok Map. In terms of appearance, it’s still the same as usual, but there are only a few additions to ornaments like air balloons, statues, and some other interesting items.

Now, for the addition of this ornament clearly has benefits, where players can use it to get WWCD easier in the game. Therefore, this is presented in a separate mode so as not to affect the tier of players who have fought fairly in classic mode.

On the Sanhok map that has been equipped with everything mystical in this PUBG Mobile game stores various kinds of mysterious totems with magical powers. For these totems, there are several types, such as power totems, totem strategies, and also protection totems.

You need some time beforehand to gain strength from the totem, you have to do rituals with movements like worshiping like that. And later you will get some interesting things, such as items, full health, full energy, weapons, and many others.

Then there are also fruits scattered on the streets, where you can take the fruit and eat it to get another mysterious power. Starting from knowing the distance of the shot, the place of water drop in the mini map, making damage more painful, and much more.

Whereas Hot Air Balloons can only go up and down, and here you can benefit from being at an altitude. So that it can aim at enemies in the distance very clearly with a long scope.

So it seems more difficult to win the game in this new PUBG Mobile mode , because of course the players are not so balanced in strength. However, if only for entertainment alone, this is clearly the most appropriate thing.

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