Facebook and WhatsApp Unite to Match Up the Rising Competitors

Facebook and WhatsApp Unite to Match Up the Rising Competitors

Due to one company, it is only natural that this kind of incident can be done easily by Facebook. Where one platform with another can help each other to defeat even the rising competitors.

Recently the platform that the social media company from the United States is about to compete with is Zoom , which is now on the rise and is relied on by many as a video conference.

Whatsapp is now testing to integrate services with Messenger Rooms on the desktop version, allowing users to make video calls for up to 50 people. This is far more than WhatsApp’s own support which can only accommodate 8 people.

Reporting from Tech Radar, Facebook company has announced that Messenger Rooms are present as a challenger to Zoom, Google Meet, Skype , Microsoft Team, and the like. With WhatsApp integration, it allows Messenger Rooms to connect people more easily.

When users want to use Zoom, they must register first, as well as Google Meet, which forces users to have an email account. However Messenger Rooms are not at all and users can directly join via the link, now the same as Google Duo who previously had asked for a telephone number as an ID.

For release WhatsApp integration with Rooms is evidence enough that a competitor Twitter is soon offer an experience without limits towards the user to switch or interconnected between applications with each other in the ecosystem.

In addition, Messenger Rooms are not only connected to WhatsApp . But based on the last Facebook announcement, said that later can also be connected with the Instagram platform also with the Portal to make them connect with each other more easily.

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