Facebook Changes Instagram’s DM Logo To Messenger

Facebook Changes Instagram’s DM Logo To Messenger

For the integration plan for each platform under Facebook, it has been thinking since last year, and its implementation has begun to roll out gradually this year. Some signs are obvious and can even be tested by some groups.

This integration is planned to connect every platform, starting from FB, WhatsApp , and Instagram, which is currently experiencing a boom as well. Not only on Android cellphones, but updates have also started rolling out for users of iOS -based devices .

And in the last update from Instagram, some changes have been made that can take users by surprise too. Where in the update there is the phrase “There’s a New Way to Message on Instagram”, complemented by the Messenger chat service logo in the social media application.

In this integration there are four supporting features that have been offered, including such as a new color display in the chat column, then there is also a collection of new emojis, a swipe feature to reply to messages, and also communicate with friends on the Facebook platform .

Launching from The Verge, when users get this update later, the Direct Message icon, which is similar to Telegram in the upper right corner, will change to a Messanger icon . It is as if DM will be removed, and users are forced to communicate via Messenger only.

It is said that when it is released to the public, this integration allows users to send messages to Messenger users without having to move again, and vice versa. It is said that Mark Zuckerberg company aims to offer the best experience for users, and ease of communication.

Not only that, in order to maintain user security, Facebook will also provide an end-to-end encryption security system that locks all conversations from users so that they cannot be seen by others, except the intended person, even if the company cannot read them.

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