Facebook Offers New Features for Messenger

Facebook Offers New Features for Messenger

For rolling new feature updates on the Facebook platformit’s already familiar and rare again. Because indeed the company continues to carry out the latest innovations for the purpose of making its users satisfied with a series of services made.

And the last few times the Zoom service stole the attention of the public because it is able to support and become a mainstay of many in establishing online meetings to learning as well. But the main problem arises after many people use it, which is related to Zoom Boombing where third parties can easily enter and hack this online meeting.

Therefore Facebook is interested in offering something that is considered better through its official messaging platform, Messenger . Through a new feature called Rooms, users will be able to make video calls with many people at once with ease, and are claimed to be safer. Users also do not need to use a FB account to join in this online conversation / meeting.

As reported by Business Insider, the number of participants who can be accommodated in this online meeting is still the same as before the update, which is up to 50 people. When compared to Zoom, of course it loses, because it can only match half.

However, the advantage is that the user does not need to log in using a social media account or anything to join this online meeting, and just join through the shared link. And the host doesn’t need to worry, because the duration is unlimited, so you don’t need to worry about disconnecting from the channel even in the free version.

As for the Host who created this chat room can arrange who can participate in this virtual meeting, and suspicious people can be immediately blocked. Later the system will detect the account or device, so it can not be joined again into the same rooms.

And in terms of its own design Facebook uses a concept similar to Zoom, so that users who switch certainly will not experience major adjustments to use this new feature on Messenger.

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