Facebook releases a special application for Apple

Facebook releases a special application for Apple

Several times we know that the Facebook companyhas problems with Apple. However, it was not affected by the cooperation, because various kinds of partnerships remained well established.

As this NPE team did, which is the experimental application division of the social media company. The team has presented a new product called the “Keep in Touch” Kit, which is not presented to a wide range of users, but is made specifically for Apple Watch devices .

This application allows gadget users from Apple to send voice messages, locations or even emojis with just one tap on the screen. In addition, there are also features that can transfer voice to text, so users can easily send messages to other users only through voice commands.

As information reported by Techcrunch, it is mentioned that this application has a similar function to iMessage that was previously on an Apple Watch device by default. It’s just that this Kit can be sent to Facebook Messenger , thus reaching all FB users with various devices.

It is still unknown whether the reason the NPE Team is launching the application at this time, is because it is indeed an impossible condition that can make the application less exposed to the public. Or maybe on the contrary, where this application is intended for ease of users in sending messages in the middle of the Corona Virus pandemic .

Actually Facebook Messenger itself is supported on Apple Watch devices too, but with the presence of this Kit it’s clear that users can get a better experience. Because there are some special functions and support for Apple Watch features that can provide a better user experience.

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