Facebook releases new application called CatchUp, what is it?

Facebook releases new application called CatchUp, what is it?

Not just developing its existing services by offering various kinds of updates. But companies like Facebook will also present several new services to strengthen their business and increase profits.

After some time ago offering Messenger Rooms to support connected users and be able to conduct online meetings easily when COVID-19 is still circulating widely. Recently there has been offered a new application called CatchUp.

This application is the result of the development of the NPE Facebook team, and functions as a voice call application. Where there are a number of unique and interesting features that make users get a different experience when using this application.

It could be said to be the same as WhatsApp , where users can make 1 on 1 calls or maybe in groups of up to 8 people. And CatchUp itself can also call someone using the number listed on their cellphone contact, so they don’t have a FB account even though they can still be connected.

One interesting feature offered by the CatchUp application compared to other services is that Facebook has offered features that allow users to provide information regarding their status.

So for example when you do not want to be disturbed, then the user can change their status so that other people do not contact you except in a critical situation. Whereas the people who are available to be contacted will also be listed as ready to be contacted.

For now the company made by Mark Zuckerberg is still doing the testing phase. So Facebook is only temporarily presenting it in the United States on a limited basis. But when it’s finished, of course it will be presented more broadly on Android and iOS devices . However, its presence in more countries including Indonesia seems to be still long.

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