Facebook Will Buy Zoom?

Facebook Will Buy Zoom?

For now the level of Zoom’s popularity is really impressive, because there are indeed many people who use it as a medium to conduct online meetings amid the corona virus pandemic. And recently there was news that the Facebook company wasinterested.

Of course for companies like Zoom which are on the rise like this make other companies interested in buying it. Due to indeed if successfully purchased, the benefits and various kinds of rules from the platform will be taken over completely.

And it could be that if Facebook goes forward to make acquisitions, it will not be impossible for Zoom to have the same fate as the WhatsApp and Instagram platforms which are now under the control of the social media company.

However, some experts have mentioned that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to make an acquisition of Zoom this will be tough later. That’s because now the company is being threatened by the Federal Trade Commissions (FTC) due to antitrust issues.

Based on a report from the New York Post, under normal conditions the acquisition of Zoom is still possible and not too problematic than buying. And if this is so, Facebook will not operate in Zoom’s main niche, which provides video meetings for business needs.

“Facebook might have zero percent market share for online meeting applications. So an agreement (acquisition) is possible. Facebook can argue that Zoom is very important for the economy in the midst of the Corona pandemic , so Zoom needs a company as strong as Facebook to handle online conferences, ”said US General Senator Antitrust Subcomitte’s US Senate Seth Bloom.

If you really want to acquire Zoom, then a significant difference must be made to Messenger Rooms, which was released some time ago. Because of this, in order to avoid antitrust issues again.

In the 2012 acquisition of Instagram, it has been argued that a $ 1 billion deal needs to be done because Facebook is in the social networking business, and Instagram is in sharing photos, so there is no antitrust problem. But everything changed when the FTC found a document that called the acquisition aimed at eliminating potential competitors.

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