Famous for its reliable performance, but the iPhone hangs when you can order it

Famous for its reliable performance, but the iPhone hangs when you can order it

Indeed for the performance of the iPhone device isnow famously reliable, because it always uses the latest generation of chipsets. However, the name of an electronic device, there are still problems that occur that make it unable to work optimally.

Not because of malware, but the smartphone made by Apple is known to hang right away if you get a text or series of characters in Sindhi. Not only happens on cellphones, but iPad , Mac, and also Apple Watch will experience similar problems when getting text sending like this.

It doesn’t just crash and the phone refreshes and returns to the start page, but the device will act strangely, hard to move, unable to perform some functions, until the screen seems unable to respond to the user’s command movements.

Through the latest video upload on the Twitter platform by @EveryApplePro it has been revealed what kind of event hangs on this device. And it turns out it is true, where as if the device becomes very slow. But if you see it is an iPhone X or a newer generation that has guaranteed performance.

Previously to make the device hang like this involved the Italian flag as well, but now enough with characters from the Sindhi language alone was enough. It is not known exactly where the origin of text messages that make this Apple mobile phone can not work well anymore. But some allegations lead to the Telegram group . That’s a quote from 9to5Mac.

And in the end the text has become widespread on Twitter or Instagram and other social media platforms , so that anyone can work on other users more easily. Therefore you must be vigilant when getting messages like this.

This text message itself can also be spread from various messaging applications to make the iPhone experience a hang. Although there is no official response from Apple, there is a mention that this bug has been updated in the iOS 13.4.5 update.

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