Famously Safe, MacBooks Can Also Be Affected By New Types Of Ransomware

Famously Safe, MacBooks Can Also Be Affected By New Types Of Ransomware

Maybe when you hear the name Ransomware is already familiar, where the malware has made uneasy almost all over the World. Including in Indonesia there are also devices that were attacked, and at that time the MacBook was still safe.

At that time it mostly happened on Windows -based devices , and the MacOS operating system was known to be more secure because it did have centralized data control. Even so can not stand the latest types of Ransomware the following types.

Where there are victims of MacBook users who run Apple MacOS , that the device has been encrypted. Thus, the user cannot open the file also causes several problems in the operating system that is run.

From the Malwarebytes report, it has been found that there are pirated MacOS applications that carry the virus. Resulting in malicious code in the copy application “Little Snitch” which may have been modified before.

For a copy of the application, it has been downloaded using a torrent service to the user’s MacBook device from a Russian-language forum. Thus for additional dangerous code sources can be added to the application whenever desired by the hacker.

Basically the Little Snitch application is safe if the user gets it properly and correctly. Unlike pirated like that which is usually already embedded PKG Installer that can be used to install malware programs.

And based on an analysis from Malwarebytes, it has been found that this application has a postintal script, which is used to clean installations after the installation process is complete. And in the following cases, this script attaches malware on MacOS, and is hidden into a folder called “CrashReporter” which is connected directly to the Little Snitch application.

So users will not easily find out if this application is on Activity Monitor, because MacBook devices also have an application with a similar name. And it is said that this ransomware will start its action after some time installed on the user’s device.

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