Final Fantasy VII Remake Selling in the Market

Final Fantasy VII Remake Selling in the Market

For lovers of open world adventure games, of course you are familiar with Final Fantasy series. Where the game offers exceptional quality battles through the story line that is always interesting to follow, and the development of the age offered graphics updates such as in Final Fantasy VII Remake below.

In addition to graphics, there may be some that have an update, although it is not significant so that players will get more or less the same experience as previous versions. Only for graphics problems and the delivery of the story more exciting and very tense.

This Final Fantasy VII Remake adventure game has gained tremendous interest in the market after it debuted on the PlayStation 4 device . And of course for this popularity rose sharply because of the big name franchise.

CEO Yosuke Matsuda in the published Q&A has explained that he feels very happy, because the Final Fantasy VII Remake game has received a total of 3.5 million units that have been sold. But unfortunately, because this corona virus pandemic makes sales of the physical version is inversely proportional to the digital version that rose sharply.

Besides that, Matsuda still hasn’t provided information regarding his presence on other platforms. so in the meantime these adventure games can only be enjoyed on PS4 only. For those of you lovers of PC games, please be patient for longer.

Then at the end of the report, it is said that Square-Enix will not perform a livestream replacement for the E3 2020. But it still announces the game as usual, through a trailer when it feels the right time.

Thus, after Final Fantasy VII Remake in the future it will be clear that there will be a series of other games offering graphics and a more exciting game experience, full of challenges, and also amazing graphics. Especially when the upcoming PlayStation 5 is officially released, obviously it will be even more extraordinary later.

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