Finally Messenger Rooms arrive on Instagram too

Finally Messenger Rooms arrive on Instagram too

As explained earlier where Messenger Rooms will be present across platforms. So it’s not only in the main service, but also in several other platforms such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

Please note that previously it has begun to be integrated on the WA Web platform, then also in the WhatsApp application has begun to appear in beta. But now it’s the turn of the Instagram platform to get support, aka the integration of the video conference service.

“Starting today, you can create @messenger Rooms on Instagram and invite anyone to join,” that’s more or less like the @instagram posting at the time of the feature announcement. And this post also explains how to start video chat that supports many of these users.

And please note that even though it is done via Instagram, users will still be redirected to the Facebook Messenger application to continue. But not to worry, because users also remain connected even though they don’t have a FB account.

Moreover, this feature also offers something more promising, where users can freely connect with each other, without worrying about running out of time even without paying anything. This is different from Zoom which is only 40 minutes long, and Google Meet offers a slightly longer duration for the free version.

However, Facebook has guaranteed that the security system that is presented is good enough, so users who are connected from WhatasApp or Instagram can still communicate safely. Moreover, Facebook will not record or eavesdrop on videos / conversations made.

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