Finally the Crash Bandicoot Adventure Game is Released for Smartphones

Finally the Crash Bandicoot Adventure Game is Released for Smartphones

When you hear information about the presence of the new adventure game Crash Bandicoot for Smartphone devices, of course you are waiting for your presence. Because Crash has become one of the most phenomenal characters in PS games.

And now the game has finally been officially launched and can be played on Smartphone devices . The information first came from a Twitter account user named @jumpbuttoncb, and now some reviews have brought the gameplay of the game.

This adventure game has been developed by King which is a studio owned by Activision-Blizzard, which previously had launched the popular game Candy Crush. But there are things that are still unfortunate, where the game is temporarily still not available on the Google Play Store for the territory of Indonesia.

Crash Bandicoot is currently still in the soft launch phase, so the presence of these exciting adventure games still exists in a few countries. However, it does not rule out the possibility that this game will expand to a wider country to get a satisfying number of players.

Even though the impression is simple, the endless runner category offers quite interesting excitement. Players are given the task to prevent Crash from various enemies and obstacles by swiping on the mobile screen.

Indeed, in terms of gameplay tends to be similar to Temple Run and Subway Surfer. But this game will be packaged later because it will offer stories and also various other characters in the franchise. Besides running, you will also have to build Coco Base to fight Dr. Neo Cortex.

Please note that this Crash Bandicoot is one of the most popular adventure games since PS’s time in the 2000s. And now it’s here for the mobile version, because indeed big game developers have begun to glance at the already successful mobile gaming market. For example, like PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile .

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