Footage of Playing Metal Slug Games on Smartphones Has Begins

Footage of Playing Metal Slug Games on Smartphones Has Begins

Lots of legendary games are now present on Smartphone devices, where as the forerunner, PUBG, which can be said now the PUBG Mobile gamehas exceeded the expectations of the company. And games on the mobile platform continue to get an increase in the number of enthusiasts from time to time.

A series of large companies are interested in making mobile-based games as well, including SNK Corporation which plans to bring Metal Slug games to the mobile platform. And it seems that his presence is getting closer, because the gameplay of the game has also been uploaded on his YouTube channel .

Not alone, but Metal Slug which became one of the legendary games was handed over to Tencent through its subsidiary named TiMi Studio. It can be said for the graphics problem and also the shooting animation, there’s no doubt because there is already experience from the COD Mobile game which is now loved by gamers too.

Not long ago a trailer related to a new game called Metal Slug Code: J , this has appeared on SNK’s YouTube channel, where you can also see the video embedded at the bottom. And at a glance it really does not make any difference from the previous version in terms of gameplay.

However, when discussing the matter of animation is clearly more cool, because the development of the gaming world is always increasing, so developers can offer a game with graphic quality, effects, and so on better from time to time.

In this short video shown, we can find out that the player will be offered a navigation button in the lower left corner, while on the right is a control button for firing, releasing force, hitting, until entering the tank.

Although the trailer has appeared, the official schedule for the release of the legendary Metal Slug game has not yet been revealed for certain. Therefore, you can look forward to the next news development so as not to miss to enjoy the following game.

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