Get Positive Response, YouTube Presents This New Feature in All Its Services

Get Positive Response, YouTube Presents This New Feature in All Its Services

The chapter feature on a long video has actually been tested since the last few months. Due to the positive response obtained by YouTube , in the end this platform has offered it across all platforms, from websites to mobile.

Usually or before there is a feature, content creators provide links that lead to specific parts. It aims to make users more comfortable and move directly to the main discussion, so it will not take a big quota to explore it from the start.

Now, through this chapter feature creators will be even easier to do video sharing, as well as users who will clearly get the right content right on target rather than thumbnails or titles that have been read, or perhaps the most difficult step in doing something.

Because during the trial period yesterday received a good response from the testers, in the end now YouTube has decided to offer this feature permanently, and more users on the website platform are also updating their applications on Android , iOS or other OS that support.

For this chapter features will be seen at the bottom of the video player with a form of broken lines, which will be accompanied by a time mark that can be clicked by the audience to go to a particular part.

As information reported by Ubergizmo, this feature will also not necessarily be in every video, because YouTuber must enter it manually and it depends on their desire and willingness to present it or not.

It’s not automatic like blurring someone’s face, auto advertising, or maybe some other feature. But for YouTube creators content, of course this is not difficult, because they clearly have memorized the duration and distribution during the editing process, so determining the duration to get to the point can be done easily and quickly.

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