Get ready, there will be surprises in the FIFA 21 game

Get ready, there will be surprises in the FIFA 21 game

For soccer game lovers, of course, many are waiting for the FIFA 21 game to offer an interesting and exciting game experience. There are some reports that say that there are a number of updates as well as feature improvements in the game to make the experience more interesting.

And recently there was a new teaser video that revealed the presence of the soccer game, which offered a more interesting and interactive game concept. That’s thanks to an upgrade in Career Mode.

Through the Interactive Match Sim feature, for example, where players can take part in the game and also the precarious situation during the penalty, for example, on the losing team or during the last round. So, players can also influence the final result without completely relying on the AI ​​in the game.

For the most prominent addition to this Career Mode is the ability to retrain players in different positions. Where you can now train center-backs to play as a defensive midfielder too, wing players as false nine, and many other options in the FIFA 21 game .

However, there are still some restrictions on what players can do in doing so. Namely, like the chance to train Lionel Messi or maybe Mohamed Salah to become a center-back, the chances are very low.

Then players can also specify optional or mandatory loans for the agreement, which is a feature that was present in FIFA before, but was removed at that time. And AI managers can also deliver these deals themselves, to produce more realistic transfer negotiations.

In addition, in the FIFA 21 game there is also a new Authentic Transfers mode which aims to give a realistic impression of the transfer of players between clubs. You can see the rest in the following video.

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