Get to know more about ColorOS 11.1 on the OPPO Reno5 Series

Get to know more about ColorOS 11.1 on the OPPO Reno5 Series

OPPO earlier this year made a breakthrough in Indonesia by introducing its newest middle to upper class smartphone, the OPPO Reno5 4G. Yes! Next month, OPPO will also introduce the OPPO Reno5 5G and in April the arrival of OPPO Reno5 F.

Not only is it supported by attractive hardware support, the OPPO Reno5 4G, which sells for Rp.4,999,000, also has support for good camera features. On the back there are four cameras that have a 64 MP main lens configuration, 8 MP ultra-wide lens, 2 MP macro lens and 2 MP monochrome lens.

Meanwhile, on the front, OPPO is arming the OPPO Reno5 4G with a 44 MP selfie lens which can also be used for video calls, face unlocking and running gesture features. Of course, both the rear and front cameras are equipped with artificial intelligence (AI)

When introduced, the OPPO Reno5 4G also had another attraction, namely in the software sector. OPPO Reno5 4G, including the 5G and Reno5 F variants which will be introduced later, are already running with ColorOS 11.1 based on the Android 11 operating system.

Regarding the software support embedded by OPPO in the OPPO Reno5 series, this time Droidlime will describe in more detail about ColorOS 11.1. Here is the explanation:

1. What is ColorOS 11.1 which is present in the Reno5 series?

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, ColorOS realizes the importance of staying connected emotionally between humans. Through features such as Immersive Gaming Experience, Always-on Display, and Three-Finger Translate, ColorOS wants to pamper users with creative platforms to express themselves and strengthen their emotional connections.

ColorOS 11.1 also pampers gamers by providing a more immersive gaming experience. Some of the gaming features embedded in ColorOS 11.1 have been enhanced, such as Gaming Shortcut Mode, Adjustable Gaming Touch, Hyper Boost 4.0, Bullet Screen Message, and many more.

Apart from that, openness is always the main topic for ColorOS. In the latest version of ColorOS 11.1, OPPO has unlocked Super Anti-Shake Capability with Likee at the system level. OPPO also hopes that in the future it can expand this openness to more third-party applications.

Not only that, Hyper Boost in ColorOS also has a long history of openness since Hyper Boost 2.0. Now, the latest version of Hyper Boost 4.0 is equipped with GPA AI technology which not only benefits
users but also developers and third parties.

2. How is ColorOS 11.1 a companion that users can rely on?

The COVID-19 pandemic that continues around the world separates us from loved ones even during celebrations such as Eid or Christmas. With the newly released Reno5 4G and equipped with ColorOS 11.1, OPPO wants to show it cares for users.

The presence of Immersive Gaming Experience, Three-Finger Translate, Flexdrop, People Bubble and other features from ColorOS are expected to help users establish and strengthen connections with their loved ones even in the midst of social distancing restrictions.

Meanwhile, Always-on Display and OPPO Relax support on ColorOS 11.1 are no less interesting for OPPO Reno5 series users. These two features can provide users with more optimal creative ways to express themselves and maintain their own peace.

3. The convenience that ColorOS 11.1 brings to the user

a. Customizable Always-On Display

Users can set an always-on display and personalize the context, font (size / color) and display layout to bring out their personality. Through on-screen AOD creations, users can connect with each other, express affection anytime and anywhere.

b. Three-Finger Translate

This feature is the result of the collaboration between OPPO X Google, which simplifies the flow of translation. It allows users to conveniently and quickly browse news or foreign language exchanges on smartphones and connect people in a multilingual environment.

Not only text but also various languages ​​in images can be easily translated and make users understand the message the other party wants to convey in seconds. Thanks to this feature, users can also easily communicate with friends who speak foreign languages.

c. Flexdrop

Users can experience a more efficient smartphone usage with applications that can be displayed in full screen, small screen (interactive), and mini screens (display only). Through this combination, users can realize multi-tasking capabilities and provide smooth switching between screens.

Sometimes, users are required to multi-task at one time. Don’t want to be left behind in drama, playing games, chatting with friends or reviewing work documents, users can easily do everything smoothly with the Flexdrop feature.

d. People Bubble

Notifications from contacts will be displayed as bubbles in a new panel called “Conversations” at the top of the notification panel. Bubbles can be opened with a single tap, added to the home screen, muted, minimized and marked as important conversations.

What’s interesting about this People Bubble feature, important conversations will be pinned at the top of the “Conversation” panel. Apart from that, users can also stay connected with friends across various applications without worrying about missing messages from them.

e. OPPO Relax 2.0

Sounds of The City provides users with a virtual journey by simply tapping on any location in a different country to hear the sounds of those cities. In addition, users can combine various ambient sound elements they like to create their own ambient sound.

4. Optimization for gamers in ColorOS 11.1

Continuing the fun tradition of the Reno series, ColorOS 11.1 in Reno5 also fulfills the demands of gamers to provide a more immersive gaming experience. There are many new features added in ColorOS 11.1, such as Bullet Screen Message, Adjustable Gaming Touch, Hyper Boost 4.0, and many more.

a. Bullet Screen Message

In the game, notification messages will be repeatedly displayed on the screen and this can distract from the player’s focus. With the Bullet Screen Message feature, instead of notification in the form of a banner, the notification page will not cover the game screen and affect the game.

b. Gaming Shortcut Mode

This is the newest feature in ColorOS 11.1 that allows lightning-fast launching of game apps in Game Space. Usually, opening a game you love will take up a lot of memory. This feature will reduce the waiting time before starting to enter the game.

c. Adjustable Gaming Touch

Just like Gaming Shortcut Mode, this is also one of the newest features in ColorOS 11.1. Touch panel and optimized touch algorithms, combined with TouchBoost which allows players to change touch parameters. This feature also offers configurations used by professional players.

d. Gamer Mode

Through this feature the user can really focus on the game by blocking messages and deactivating the screen and phone buttons. Some of them are blocking incoming messages and calls, blocking
navigation gestures, navigation buttons, sidebar exit gestures, and Game Assistant as well as blocking floating screens.

e. Quick Return Bubble

When a user needs to switch to another application while playing a game, the Quick Return Bubble displays important information (eg countdown to respawns or time to reappear in game) from the game application’s background as a floating bubble.

This allows the user to switch back with one simple tap of the bubble. Currently, Quick Return Bubble is available for a number of well-known mobile games, such as PUBG, PUBG Lite, Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor.

f. Hyper Boost 4.0

Hyper Boost 4.0 is here as one of the newest optimizations in ColorOS 11.1. AI Hyper Boost 4.0 GPA frequency conversion technology applies multidimensional AI algorithms to predict game load and achieve intelligent allocation of system resources.

Through continuous AI learning, the speed of system decision making will be increased. When the same complex situation occurs again, the GPA makes the right decisions to adjust system resources more

Balance of performance, fast power consumption and overheating in gaming is always a problem. By controlling the rhythm of production and consumption of game frames, GPA ensures no waste of system resources and ensures battery life.

Not only that, when it detects the risk of dropping frames in a game that is being played by the user, the frequency will immediately increase quickly. This aims to maximize the supply of resources and prioritize performance.

5. Open access for third party application developers on ColorOS 11.1

Openness has always been the main topic of ColorOS in every version. This time, ColorOS 11.1 empowers Likee with Super Anti-Shake Capability at the system level. Reno5 is the first OPPO smartphone where third-party applications can experience Super Anti-Shake Capability at the software level.

In addition, ColorOS has worked with more than 100 software partners to improve their performance, and OPPO’s most welcomed technology solutions such as Hyper Boost, Ultra Steady Video Shooting, and HDR are available to global developers on the OPPO Open Platform.

a. Ultra Steady and Ultra Steady Pro (Capabilities available for third party applications)

The Reno5 is OPPO’s first device to apply antishake to Likee. Through the combination of sensor information from various sources and intelligent analysis of anti-shake scenes, the gyroscope frequency is increased 2-3 times, so that it is more sensitive to sense the device’s movement status and enables anti-shake in video recording.

6. Customize the way you want

Reno5’s ColorOS 11.1 provides thorough customization to help users create their own unique experience.

a. Customizable Dark Mode

This feature is presented by OPPO which offers three color schemes with different levels of contrast. It also allows users to set device start and shutdown times automatically, and can even adjust for sunrise and sunset.

b. Customizable Icons & Home Screen

Through this feature users can freely customize the Home screen layout, widgets, transitions, wallpaper, and icon appearance. How to set it up is also quite easy. Just touch the main screen with two fingers to open the personalization settings.

c. Customizable Color Schemes

Thanks to this one feature, users can choose their favorite color from 10 colors in 5 schemes. Furthermore, user-selected theme colors can be applied to controls and icons to ensure a more consistent visual experience.

7. User privacy protection by ColorOS 11.1

a. Private System

Private System is the perfect way to protect users’ personal data. Through this feature users can create separate system accounts where the application and data do not depend on the original system account and can only be accessed via fingerprint or password.

b. Information Security Certificate

The industry-leading encryption method has been adopted by OPPO when developing ColorOS to store and transfer users’ personal data. This effort has been recognized by third party organizations including ISO, ePrivacy, and TrustArc.

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