Getting Hacked, Do These 5 Tips To Keep Your Whatsapp Account Safe

Getting Hacked, Do These 5 Tips To Keep Your Whatsapp Account Safe

Even though the company has confirmed that the service is secure and the possibility of hacking is small. But now the WhatsApp platform isbeing talked about because of various irregularities related to his account.

There was even an activist named Ravio Patra who was arrested, even though it was suspected that his account had been hacked so he did not carry out the conversation, but was still blamed because there was no strong evidence.

But experts say that to hack WA accounts is very possible, because even though there is claimed to be multiple layers of security, hackers can still break in. Even so, as a user must apply these 5 tips to keep his account secure.

Tips for Maintaining a WhatsApp Account

  1. Set Privacy

You need to enable privacy features to get better security such as fingerprint lock or face ID. For a more complete discussion and also how to use it, you can immediately see the discussion at this link .

  1. Set Security Notifications

This security notification setting should also not be missed, because when activated the user will later get a notification about whether or not it is safe to communicate with another account. This is based on each user’s encryption code.

Usually there are notifications provided when the chat window opens, and for how to activate simply enter the Security >> Enable Security Notifications menu.

  1. Set Two-Step Verification

Through this feature you can later set pins and email addresses to handle suspicious activity. And for how to activate it, you can go to Settings >> Account >> Two Step Verification.

  1. Check Encryption Code

Many do not pay attention to this encryption code check, even though it is quite important to do to maintain the confidentiality of conversations with your friends. This encryption code guarantees exchanging messages with verified users.

  1. Turn off Auto Add Groups

Through this feature you will not be able to immediately be included in the WhatsApp group. Later, the invitee will provide a notification or for the link to this join, and the user himself determines it. Reviews and complete ways can see in this link .

Those are the five tips to protect your WhatsApp account properly to avoid hacking, so that you can endanger yourself.

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